OFEK, URIEL (1926–1987), Hebrew writer. Born in Tel Aviv, Ofek served in the Palmaḥ (1944–48). From 1951, he was coeditor, and from 1971 editor of the children's weekly Davar li-Yladim. His poems, stories, articles, and studies on children's literature appeared in various publications, and his plays were staged in children's theaters. He published many books for children, stories, verse, and anthologies of world children's literature. He also translated many children's books and folksongs into Hebrew. He edited memorial volumes to the soldiers who fell in Israel's War of Independence: Benei Kiryat Ḥayyim be-Milḥemet ha-Shiḥrur (1950) and Le-Vaneinu (1952). His encyclopedia on children's literature, Olam Ẓa'ir, appeared in 1970. Ofek's Smoke over Golan was selected as the Israel Honor Book of the International Board on Books for Young People at its congress held in May 1977. Ofek was also chosen to deliver the 1978 Arbuthnot Honor Lecture. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Kressel, Leksikon, 1 (1965), 48. ADD. BIBLIOGRAPHY: G. Kressel, "Ha-Niẓẓanim ha-Rishonim shel Sifrut ha-Yeladim be-Ivrit," in: Hadoar, 59:2 (1980), 27–28; Z. Shamir, in: Haaretz (May 11, 1984); M. Regev, "Ha-Kirvah ve-ha-Riḥuk: Al Sippurav ha-Otobiyografiyim shel U. Ofek," in: Sifrut Yeladim va-No'ar, 14:2 (1988), 12–20; Y. Hadas, "Iẓẓuvo shel Paḥad: Iyyun be-Sifro shel U. Ofek," in: Sifrut Yeladim va-No'ar, 14:2 (1988), 8–11. (Getzel Kressel)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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